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1 - 50 DO IT SON



1:What is your name and does it mean anything? Brianna and it’s from Celtic origin and it means “strong”.
2:How long have you known your best friend? About 4 years now.
3:What position do you normally sleep in? On my tummy.
4:Were you a part of any “clique” in high school? The Choir kids. IT WAS WILD. 
5:Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why? My choir and Algebra teacher. They always wanted me to stay passionate and be myself.
6:Do you wish to travel a lot? Of course, I have not taken root.
7:Did you participate in any sports while in school? Softball, Track & Field, Waterpolo.
8:Show a sample of your handwriting:No, too much effort. It is nice though, my coworkers always ask me to write things.
9:Have you ever given blood? Yes, I like to as much as possible.
10:Do you like the way that you grew up? Yes, I turned out very nicely.
11:Do you like your siblings? Why or why not? I love my litte sister, even if she is a little shit. We get along very well.
12:How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends? We met on a choir trip my junior year of high school, he was a freshman and he saw a cat, I laughed too hard and the rest is history.
13:Name one movie that made you cry. Return of The King
14:Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither? Read.
15:Things about someone that you find attractive? Physical strength, quiet compassion, dimples.
16:What song are you currently listening to? “Now I’m Silver”- Merriment
17:Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how? I’ve broken a lot of bones, usually sports related. I’m somewhat of a crash test dummy.
18:A random memory from you childhood: I ate peanut butter on apple slices and then threw up all over the place.
19:Where did you grow up? In the bay area, CA.
20:What was the last thing you watched on tv? Louie.
21:Do you think you’d make a good parent? Hell Yeah, Fucking Right.
22:Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person? YES.
22:What was the last dream you remember having? A sex dream, two nights ago.
23:When is your birthday? Oct. 29
24:How many pillows do you sleep with? 3. One under my head, one to hold and a body pillow to my side.
25:Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses? I do, for about 7 years now.
26:What color is your hair? Red and pink.
27:Name 5 facts about your appearance: I’m tall, I have a scar through my lip, I’m adorably chubby/curvy, my hair is always a mess, my boobs get more attention than my face.
28:What is your favorite soda? Root beer.
29:What is a strange talent that you have? I can make monkey noises.
30:How’s the weather right now? Too hot, even at 1am.
31:Why did one of your friendships end? She cut me off completely after my ex and I broke up without warning. I guess she was better friends with him and that’s fine, it just didn’t feel good at all.
32:Who do you miss right now? Harold.
33:Why did your last relationship end? He turned out to be scary. He stalked and harassed me, so I cut it off. And he had an active dating profile behind my back. HA!
34:Are you still figuring out who you are? Yes, I’m young, we’re ever evolving. I’ll probably find a new facet of myself tomorrow!
35:Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why? Yes, I got a concussion.
36:What is your favorite restaurant? The Homeroom.
37:What is word that you always seem to spell wrong? Definitely.
38:Would ever adopt kids? Yes! That’s ideal, actually.
39:What is your favorite kind of pizza? Mmm, white sauce, chicken, artichoke hearts, olives…….mmmmm.
40:What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? I opened a snapchat and thought “God damn, he’s cute”
41:When was the last time you got really really happy and why? Monday, I got kissed very well.
42:What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Bear jerkey,
43:How do you start a conversation? “HHHEEEEEYYYY!!!!!”
44:What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately? Merriment, I’ve always loved them but the album “Sway” has been on repeat lately. It’s so bittersweet.
45:Do you come from a family “of money?” No, my dad grew up on a farm. My mom worked for every piece of clothing she owned as a KID unless they were hand-me-downs, they made their own success. My parents instilled an amazing work ethic in me.
46:Do you have a bucket list? Not really? I’d like to go to India but that’s about it.
47:What is your favorite series of books? A Song of Ice and Fire.
48:When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt? Today at work, I accidently sprayed my co-worker with air freshener and couldn’t hold the snorts in. Mind you, I work in a professional financial institution.
49:Where do you go when you’re sad? To bed.
50:5 random facts about yourself: I have my nipples pierced, I like warm hugs, I can tie a cherry stem in a knot, sloths are my favorite things, I want to move to Oregon… asap. 


My custom made The So So Glos shirt belongs on my wall with the rest of my art. The artist’s inspiration? My hair ❤️💕


My custom made The So So Glos shirt belongs on my wall with the rest of my art. The artist’s inspiration? My hair ❤️💕

Anonymous asked
4 and 13


Hello, Anon!

4:3 things I love. My best friend, rainy days and good music. 

13:Favorite color? Pink!

fugitiveofcriticalmass asked
4, 31, 49, 60, 63, 67, 149, 154 c;


Thanks, boo <3

4:3 things I love. Cabins, tea, and red lips. 
31:How I feel right now? Fairly well, I’m starting to understand happiness.
49:Am I excited for anything? I leave for New York in two days. 
60:Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? Behind. 
63:Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens? Both, there has to be more than this, our world or dimension can’t be unique. 
67:What was the last book I’ve read? “The Brief, Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz
149:What my greatest achievements are. For myself, I recognize my recovery as monumentous. To think back to where I was even a year ago is such a drastic change from what I’ve become. 
154:Something I fantasies about. Sex, it’s always sex. 


If you can see, @maxbemis and I are right in the middle. This photo was captured seconds before he gave me the warmest hug I have ever experienced. Tonight was emotional and beautiful and, as always, Say Anything out on a fantastic show. Thank you for everything you’ve given to us fans ✨


If you can see, @maxbemis and I are right in the middle. This photo was captured seconds before he gave me the warmest hug I have ever experienced. Tonight was emotional and beautiful and, as always, Say Anything out on a fantastic show. Thank you for everything you’ve given to us fans ✨

Reblog if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend.







That’s a lot of notes. Let’s all date each other. Everyone get into groups of two.

Let’s do the math then.

with 841,518 reblogs that would be 420,279 couples.


everytime I see this post it has an even amount of notes, I guess I’m just doomed to be alone forever


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You fall in love
and suddenly you fall into him
and you want to fall asleep with him
and you want to fall into his arms when you’re drunk
and you want to fall into deep conversations with him at three in the morning
and you want his fingers falling down your back in the middle of the night
and you want to hold his hand and fall into step with him as you walk
and you want him kissing you when the rain is falling so hard outside that you pull over because you can’t see through the windshield
and then 6 months later tears are falling down your cheeks
and you’re falling asleep alone
and you fall apart

I fell for you in every sense of the word (via extrasad)

You’re keeping your distance and I guess that’s fine.

I think I'm night need to go to the doctor


I’ve been really lethargic and drained I don’t even look healthy and I’ve been bruising really easily. I’ve been catching mini colds that are a nuisance and only last 24-48 hours. Also my joints have been really achy. And I had really bad gastrointestinal issues a few months back and the doctor…

This was over a year ago, it turns out it was depression and panic disorder. The panic was literally making me sick and tearing my tummy apart and the depression was making it hard to move without pain or fatigue.
People are so wrong when they thing mental illness is centralized to the mind, it deteriorates the whole body.

Come on, Brianna it’s 1 am. Go to sleep, there’s nothing worth worrying about.

Tonight is certainly going to test my strength.


just be patient and work on you

nothing is worse than having the person that you’ve always wanted

but not being prepared to handle it

and letting that person slip away

work on you, work on your past, work on your heart

put in the work now

so that you’re ready for a relationship